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The Communization of America
Free Video and PDF Download

Over the last half century, much has been suggested and written concerning the Russian Communist plot to subvert the US and convert the population to Socialism. A quick review of the United States, it's sociopolitical system, the rise of the Welfare State, it's education system, and it's news & media, it's evidently clear that the "paranoid, right wing" fears of the Soviets were well founded.

What has happened to America? Where is the country that once stood for conservative limited government, and independent, moral self-relience? How has America has morphed into socialism right before our eyes?

Watch the 30 minute Video

Below the text book is a video interview by Edward Griffin of Yuri Bezmenov, a KGB defector. He explains to Griffin, the process of demoralization and de-stabilization of US society with the use of "active measures" by Soviet intelligence. Filmed in the late early 80's, it is a chilling prediction of the USA today.

Read the Communist Brainwashing Manual
Below is a digital version of an actual textbook on Russian psycho politics. It was used as a training manual here in America, to teach communist agents how to brainwash people, and how to subvert entire populations. Read for yourself, and discover the conditions predicted back then are becoming reality now.

A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psycho politics
This free pdf download is an edited version of an actual textbook that taught
communist agents how to brainwash people here in America

brainwashing download

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To open, click on the booklet. Acrobat Reader is required and is available free from Adobe.com.  After opening, you may print the booklet or make a copy by saving it to your computer.

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Edward Griffin interviews
Yuri Bezmenov, KGB defector.

Ronald Reagan
on Socialism & Liberalism


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