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Push Back!
Push Back! Quantity in Basket: None
Code: B111
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Push Back!
How to Take a Stand Against Groupthink, Bullies, Agitators, and Professional Manipulators

Every day, concerned citizens who participate in conferences, community forums, PTA meetings, task forces, committees, focus groups and board meetings are made to feel uncomfortable and occasionally foolish by a person, or persons, supposedly moderating the meeting.

These individuals are often paid, highly trained agitators and provocateurs ­ which author B. K. Eakman refers to as professional manipulators. They have the ulterior motives, paid for by their clients, which may be either groups or individuals.

They know how to steer the discussion to an agenda without ever answering your questions or addressing your concerns. Manipulators use techniques to ostracize those brave enough to stand up and question, much less criticize, the hidden agenda.

The result is that entire towns may help pass rules or legislation that works to their disadvantage. Sometimes, participants even know they are being "had." What they don't know is how to shut the "process" down and promote their own views before manipulators can impose their clients’ agenda.

In Push Back!, readers will be able to turn the tables in this game of cat and mouse, by learning to:

  • Recognize how psychologically controlled environments are set up
  • Identify a professional agitator/provocateur at the outset of a meeting
  • Determine which components of psych war are being utilized against them
  • Undercut faulty, distorted, and biased arguments of opponents
  • Squelch the techniques used to rebuff participants who complain or balk
  • Neutralize phony consensus-building techniques
  • Name the probable source of typical methods of provocation being used against them

Cover: Paperback

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