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Global Warming... Challenged
Global Warming... Challenged Quantity in Basket: None
Code: B85
Price: $15.95
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds

Author: William Hunt
Global Warming... Challenged
by William Hunt

This non-fiction book explores the science of climate and the science of
weather. It will show that these and other legitimate sciences have been
ignored while Global Warming/Climate Change proponents have 'pushed an
alarming environmental agenda' that is soon to affect each of us worldwide.

* The big difference between true conservation and a more radical
   environmentalism with their very different goals, methods and philosophies.

* Creating practical alternatives to current electrical generation and
   alternative fuels.

* Finding "common sense conservation" tips for the home that saves homeowners
   and businesses energy and therefore money.

Finally, Mr. Hunt will allow for you, the reader, to 'weigh the evidence'
and come to your own fact-based conclusion as to whether Global
Warming/Climate Change is based on myth or fact.

William Hunt is a naturalist and scientist with four degrees in the
biological, geological and engineering sciences.

130 pages.

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